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de Heer

Onion - Hazera

"Over the past 15 years, I got to learn the difficulties, challenges, but above all the beauty of the crops. Working together with our partners in providing the right answers to the current and future needs in the chain is my biggest passion."


Radish - Hazera

"The most satisfying in my job is reaching the best performance of a variety in close cooperation with the chain."


Brassica - Hazera

“The past 25 years I’ve worked closely with many partners involved in the vegetable supply chain. Working on solutions to changing demands. I’m looking forward to meet and discuss your business and variety needs!”

van Steekelenburg

Retail / Trade - Hazera

"It is great to actively work together with our partners in the chain to make sure consumers can enjoy high quality, tasting products."

van de Wel

Tomato - Hazera

"The most exiting is selecting the best varieties to make our partners successful!"


Leek - Hazera

"Fulfill our customer’s needs by providing the best leek varieties for their specific markets!"

van der Zouwen

Watermelon - Hazera

"We strive for the best solutions with our partners to provide quality all the way"

Van Hyfte

Carrot + Broccoli - HM. Clause

"We breed globally under the toughest conditions to offer our customers the best locally adapted varieties."


Cauliflower - HM. Clause

“Our global cauliflower team works with local growers, retailers and consumers from around the world to develop the leading varieties on the market.”


Specialty tomato - HM. Clause

“To meet expectations of growers, chain partners and consumers, we have developed for high tech conditions a portfolio of specialty tomatoes with superior agronomic performance, high taste and diversity of color and shape.”


Corn salad + Celeriac - HM. Clause

"Many changes during 2020-2021 with the launch of a new innovative biocontrol agent for the treatment of corn salad seeds and the offer of new promising varieties for trials."